Newsletter 2 - Widening our community - 10.12.2019



Thanks to our partner MaxComm, the team was pleased to introduce SP80 at the Yacht Racing Forum 2019, held in Bilbao on the 25th and 26th of November. This event, known as the leading annual conference for the business of sailing and yacht racing, was a great place for two of our co-founders Mayeul and Benoît to meet sailing industry professionals and to share their ideas. Naval architects and sailors showed interest and curiosity about this ground breaking project led by young dynamic entrepreneurs.


SP80's collaboration with EPFL

Information Days

As a MAKE project at EPFL, SP80 took part in the Information Days held to introduce the school to future generations of students. High school students were able to talk with SP80 team members about concrete projects held at EPFL by students.

Who knows, some of them might join us for the quest later on!

Alumni 50th event

SP80 attended the Alumni 50th day, which was held as part of the EPFL 50 years anniversary celebrations. The team was able to present the project to numerous former students, young engineers and experienced entrepreneurs. These meetings are part of the team's will to collaborate with alumni, who can become mentors and advice students thanks to their enriching professional experience.

Students projects

About the technical part, students keep working on their projects in many fields: aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, mechanics, numerical simulations…  Experimental set-ups and tests were conducted and lots of results were obtained. The team has started the production of a half sized model of the boat in order to test all the mechanisms designed so far. Academic projects are ending in January and the subjects of next semester projects are being discussed within the team.

We are recruiting!

A recruitement meeting has been held at EPFL in early December. It will allow to expand the team with new motivated students who want to take part in the project, and to prepare the next academic semester.


Investor Day

The team was pleased to be present at the first edition of EPFL Investor Day, which was held as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the school. This event aims at showcasting startups developed at EPFL and at creating a social network between the startups and external investors. SP80 members were able to meet and present the project to invited investors.

REGUS Ilife City Etoy's inauguration

SP80 was invited to show the model and share about innovation with swiss corporate leaders and startups at the inauguration of the Business Center REGUS iLife City.

And what's next?

Our community is widening, media are showing a growing interest, results are promising and new students show an increasing motivation for this unique challenge. 

Next technical goals:

Finalisation of reseach projects, construction of the prototype and implementation of the developped technologies are ongoing.


With academic projects ending for this semester, involved students will highlight their research results at the occasion of a Tech-talk next January.


The team is still looking for new partners to involve in this adventure as financial and technical supports. All relevant expertise and knowledges are also welcome. Join us to contribute to the success of our project!


The team wishes you happy end of year holidays!

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